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Astallions Consulting LLP

( This business entity is owned by “Anand Pobaru” )

Hi, My name is Anand Pobaru & I am a hardcore “Internet guy” , except for sleep time, I’m usually on my Phone or Laptop because I am fascinated with the Internet for it’s abilities since 2007.

Since my college days, I witnessed how companies like Amazon, Paytm, Uber, Swiggy have fundamentally disrupted traditional businesses using the unbelievable power of Internet & honestly, I was not even surprised as I always believed technology can do wonders.

During my 2nd year of college, I tried to build my FIRST Internet business which failed after a year but fortunately that failure exposed me to a question : “How can I use Internet for marketing ?” – which changed my life

I mastered Facebook Ads with time by spending a lot of budget and undergoing Professional training which helped me become Certified Facebook Advertiser  – I love how can I find & target specifically to audience who are already interested in your product or service, unlike traditional marketing platforms like Newspaper, TV, Billboards, Radio etc.

I generated 3400% in Sales revenue from the very FIRST Facebook Ad I ran & since then, I’ve been running the more Facebook Ads in a day than the no. of glasses of water I drink each day.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Facebook marketing & this how I ended up deciding to help other businesses make use of it with my skills.

Services we offer :-

Consultation Call

Discover the flaws in your Ads & get inputs on how you can further optimize & scale your campaigns.

Book your call for more details.

🏷️ Rs. 0/- (FREE for First time)

Strategy & Funnels

Get step-by-step Funnel matching your goals. I’ll be a hand-holding for everything & you / your team can implement upon it. 

Book your call for more details.

🏷️ Rs. 16,800/- per month.

Done for you plan

Just provide the creatives & share your marketing goal. I’ll get it implemented for you.                

Book your call for more details.

🏷️ Rs. 25,800/- per month

OR – You can also download the detailed Brochure for services details included in each the above mentioned plan

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